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A photographers view

Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015
Athletes at the Closing Ceremony.

“You are the stars and the world is watching you.
 By your precense, you send a message
to every village, every city, every nation.
 A message of hope.  A message of victory.”

Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Founder, Special Olympics

The Rescues

So not to long ago my wife and I went looking for a dog, and we came across Shea a 3 month old LabMix (Pit Bull).Shea1 We adpoted her on March 17th 2015, now fast forward to May 26th 2015 we got Quinn a 3 month old  Black, White, Brindel (Staffordshire bull terrier).


whos is just as loving as Shea.  We love these 2 Bullys who have shown us all the love right back and then some.  If you are looking for a dog do yourself a favor and seek out your Local Shelters and Rescues.

There are so many wonderful and yes misunderstood dogs out there looking for a loving home 20150516-DSC_2167